purveyor noun — a person or group who sells or deals in particular goods.

Just about every company in the world has a motto, a mission statement, or a philosophy. This is supposed to be the governing body, and overarching belief that should exist in every employee, product, and communication. Most of these statements and mottos fall flat, and are not believed in within the organization. In fact, most employees within a company, don’t know what the company’s beliefs are, or how the company wishes to be perceived.

There are some exceptions, most of which result from simplicity. I’ve always been a big fan of the phrase Code is Poetry, but that has been used so frequently, and actually appears in the WordPress.org footer. We wanted to describe YAB in 5 words or less, and have the same feeling as poetry. After much thought, and many bottles of red wine, we came up with our motto; purveyors of fine code.

This expression fits our beliefs and experiences to a tee. Currently, we are primarily focused on creating quality Laravel, Python, and EmberJS applications. However, this is just a snapshot in time. 5 years ago, we were all writing CodeIgniter applications, and 5 years before that, it was Perl. The code we write changes throughout the years, but our style and commitment to quality never does.

We are very excited about this addition to our company culture. We want this belief to be in every YAB product, client project, and code commit.

We are YAB, and we are purveyors of fine code.