Meet our Team

Yab looks for the most passionate people in the industry.
We balance our frontend and backend developers, with creative professionals, to create the most outstanding applications.




Chris is a passionate life-long learner and coder. He believes in assembling the best teams to create user-friendly and business-critical software applications that help people do more with less. As the owner and CEO of Yab, he uses this passion to drive quality development for client and internal projects alike.

Code is the universal language, making the vastness of the world possible from even the smallest corner.



Creative Director

Deb brings simplicity and love to Yab. She has spent over a decade running a design and marketing agency, helping hundreds of businesses perfect their brand and deliver their message. Her quest to make the world a prettier place has captured the imagination of so many.



Sr Back-End Developer

Jim is a Computer Science graduate from University of Toronto. Jim has a beautiful way of keeping code clean and concise. His joyous personality is infections on the team, and he always brings a sense of calm to projects.



Sr Front-End Developer

Michael leads our front-end development team making sure all our apps behave the way we want them to. Originally from the south of France, Michael moved to Canada in 2018 to explore North America and experience Toronto basketball (Raptors won the Championship for him the same year).

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